Root Canal Treatment

Root canal therapy is a treatment needed to repair and save a tooth that is decayed or infected.  Removing the infection from the tooth, filling and sealing the canal where the nerve was removed is called a root canal. The nerve in a tooth can become infected for several reasons such as decay or accidental fracture that can cause the nerve to die and become infected. When this occurs, the nerve must be removed by either extracting the tooth or performing a root canal. This procedure should be performed before the infection has any chance to get into the bone to develop any swelling and pain.  Periodic check-ups and exams are recommended in our clinic to help avoid severe complications.

Signs and symptoms for possible root canal treatment:

  • Sensitivity to hot and cold
  • Severe toothache pain when chewing or application of pressure
  • Discoloration (darkening) of the tooth
  • Swelling and/or tenderness
  • Redness and swelling of the gums around tooth

Root Canal Procedure

Performing a root canal involves a the removal of the pulp tissue to extract the infection and save the tooth. One of our dentists will have to drill down into the tooth’s pulp chamber and remove the infected pulp. Once the infected tissue is removed, the root canal and chamber is filled and sealed to prevent further infections. Crowns are usually recommended about six months following a root canal procedure to help reinforce the tooth and prevent breaking or any cracking of the tooth. Our staff at Divine Dental Centre will make sure your experience is pain free and relaxing. Ibuprofen or other over the counter analgesics may be taken after to reduce any pain following the procedure. Root canals have an overall high success rate with rare complications.  Our staff will schedule any necessary follow up visits to make sure that you have fully recovered.

Root canal is often performed in two or three visits at Divine Dental Centre and may involve the following steps: